Genetic Bio Hacking

Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.
Mehmet Oz

Health & Healing has always been a part of my journey.

I’m a big believer in personal responsibility and that we really do have to help ourselves to live the best life possible.

Whilst I understand this comes down to Affordability, Environmental factors, Education, Socio Economics –
I know I am in a privileged position to be able to prioritise my health.


Bio Hacking

Bio hacking has become the new buzz word in the wellbeing world, but actually it’s been around for years.
We tend to make things look trendy by celebs endorsing ideas and new product launches – Take ice baths, the new buzz this lockdown with Joe Wicks sharing across social media then it becomes a challenge a fad for his audience, it’s nothing new and has always been a recovery method used particularly with sports people.

I’ve seen many a professional sports changing room in my career of old and can assure you even some of the top football and rugby clubs had nothing fancy like they have now!
It ranged from a wheelie bin filled with ice, a skip for a sharing ice bath 🤮 where you’d probably come out with more diseases than what you went in with and old hot tubs filled up 🛁

I am though a big fan of ice baths and the cold/ hot method and the main man himself Wim Hoff so much so that I have signed up to his foundation training.

So what am I talking about with Bio Hacking?


A systems-thinking approach to our own biology.
As humans, we are complex systems. What goes into us affects what comes out of us, and I’m not just talking about our 💩 . Our behaviors, our health, and our performance in all areas of life are outputs.


Lifestyle medicine


  • Eat The Right Nutrition
  • Connect Yourself To Nature
  • Expose Yourself To Sunlight
  • Move Your Body Get Mobile – Mobility
  • Get Uncomfortable – Ice Showers
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Meditation

The list goes on with things we can do to really help ourselves.
I wanted to document things I’m doing to try to enable myself to live life to the full and to feel somewhat super human..


Western Medicine – Conventional Medicine

My Treatment includes- western medicine – conventional treatment that has been taking place at Salford, Now home care whoop whoop..
Enzyme Replacement Therapy, the enzyme my body doesn’t make – this basically is to slow down progression of the Fabry, to allow me to live longer but it won’t actually make me feel any better.
This is truly appreciated and the NHS have been amazing with this side of the treatment , the cost of this drug yearly is eye watering (that’s big pharma for you) , yet without it I wouldn’t be here for much longer so for that I’m so grateful.


Salford Royal

The Functional side
, the bit that I can try to help myself with to try to get into the best optimal health and feel energised with is where the bio hacking comes into play..

To truly understand my body I have privately done:

  • Blood Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • Saliva Tests
  • And next step a 💩 test.


I need to know how my body is working in order to then write out the roadmap that is personalised to me.


Blood tests – have flagged up mineral and vitamin deficiencies and a few alarmingly low levels. They have also flagged up some more serious things going on in my body.

Saliva test – this was really interesting using DNA fit testing it brought up quite a few things from borderline coeliac, alcohol intolerance, my body works better on high fat low carb,low omega levels, low b levels, need for cruciferous veg, my body doesn’t detox well, anti oxidant need, caffeine sensitivity and need to remove sodium. This is really interesting for many reasons as with Fabry the kidneys often stop functioning efficiently, so how my body processes and then gets rid of waste etc all makes sense.

Urine Test – these are the results I’m eagerly awaiting from Genova Diagnostics.
The testing I did was the Metabolomix which looks at, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Omega Imbalance , Toxic exposure, Methylation Imbalance.

Functional Testing


From this we can dig deep to the root and work from the cause as opposed to just symptoms – GPs often work with surface level so what drugs can we give to mask over the symptom. With the functional Medicine it’s about root cause. This will alow me to map out my very own blueprint for optimal health.

You get dealt the blow but it’s how you react – you either be proactive or reactive..


Your attitude determines your altitude.


Things I have implemented and working on:


Water water Water – filtered water for hydration and flushing the body and helping rid of waste

Good Quality Nutrition – High Fat Low Carb no red meat no refined carbs no sugar – I have been using Abel & Cole for organic fresh seasonal produce.

Supplementation – High quality supplements sourcing the best I can from around the globe to help support my mind and body – these have been prescribed from my testings from a Functional Practitioner.
Solgar, ZinZino, Soloray,Nutri Advanced,Pro-Ven Probiotics.

Meditation – Morning meditation and journaling – writing is a big part of my therapy for my head space and for dealing with my illness it allows me to get everything out, thoughts, feelings, anger, etc.. Hence the blog to me it’s my therapy.

Movement – adding in some mobility work, walking and boxing

Blue Light Blocking – Protecting my eyes from technology. Digital screens emit blue light, which can have negative consequences on your peepers, including strain, dry or watery eyes and irritated eyes. Blue light is also known to sabotage your sleep schedule because it messes with your circadian rhythm (AKA your internal clock that tells you when it’s time to sleep or be awake).

Infra Red Sauna – Currently researching and saving my pennies for this at home in the next few months.
This aids in pain management and detoxification.
Detoxification is a vital way to keep your body fit, well and functioning at its best. Sweating in a sauna is the easiest and most effective method of expelling toxins, Infra red saunas are designed to give maximum detox benefits.

Wim Hoff Training – Ice showers – breath work and following the foundation of three pillars; Breathing, Cold Therapy and Commitment.

Sleep Hygiene – getting 7-8 hours of good quality sleep each night.

Sunlight + Nature – Vitamin D from daily sunlight and connecting with nature.

Whilst this may seem like a lot of things, once you get a routine going it does then become the norm for daily living. Plus, I see it as allowing me to live longer and have more fun in life!!!

Life is for Living

Claire xx

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